Zagg Copperwrench is a goblin originally from XXXX, where he lived with his wife, Mila Copperwrench. After Gaz Rivot had created Mekka-Bot and his army of robots, Zagg and Mila attempted to flee the city, but in doing so they got seperated. In hopes that he would find his wife, for years Zagg banded with a group of adventurers (including Mobi ) in search of The Forge. Eventually Zagg settled down in XXXX opening up a shop for travelers passing by.

Zagg still believes his wife, Mila is alive, and hopes to find The Forge in order to find her.


Zagg is the first NPC the player see's upon starting the game. The game will auto add a quest from Zagg to the players quest log upon starting the game. Zagg Copperwrench is an important character in the main storyline and is mentioned and referenced many times throughout the game.


  • Lets Get You Started
  • Biometric Operating Buddy