Mobi at the Rockslide Diner


Mobi is a Pandarian that left his home town of XXXX after the Second Great War. After traveling with Zagg Copperwrench for several years, he settled down in XXXX and opened his own roadside diner named the Rockslide Diner. Mobi cooks some of the best food and brews some of the best drinks in all of Eldroc.


Mobi sells various basic drinks and food items to help the player in their travels, in addition he sells various alcoholic beverages that are mostly novelty.

List of Items Sold:Edit

Pandarian Punch - A strong alcoholic beverage. "It's like being punched in the face."

Salty-Dog Grog - A strong alcoholic everage. "Rip'Torn's preferred drink!"

Prickly Pear - A food item that can only be consumed out of combat.


  • Lost Shipment
  • Drinking Contest
  • Uphill Delivery